How to Treat Glomerulonephritis with Natural Treatment Other Than Dialysis

2016-04-14 15:00

How to Treat Glomerulonephritis with Natural Treatment Other Than DialysisHow to treat Glomerulonephritis with Natural Treatment other than Dialysis? Glomerulonephritis is also known as Nephritis. It occurred in bilateral renal glomerular allergic diseases. Glomerulonephritis is a common kidney disease. This kind of disease usually have some features like slow onset, persistent disease; abnormal urine, often proteinuria, may be associated with hematuria, edema and hypertension; may have varying degrees of kidney damage.

How to Treat Glomerulonephritis?

This kind of disease have no specific drug treatment, and it is a self-limiting disease. Therefor, this disease essential to symptomatic treatment. Acute exacerbation of chronic nephritis, according to the principles of treatment of acute nephritis treatment.

When appear a large number of proteinuria, nephrotic syndrome should be the treat principles. Necessary link for the prevention of water and sodium retention, control blood circulation, so as to alleviate the symptoms, prevent fatal complications (heart failure, hypertensive encephalopathy), protect the renal function, and prevent various aggravating factors induce, promote kidney histopathology and repair functionality.

How to Treat It Other Than Dialysis?

As we all known that dialysis is the most common method for patients with all kinds of kidney disease to solve the problems. While as a matter of fact, dialysis is not the right way to treat glomerulonephritis from the root. Treat it form the root and repair the kidney damage and improve the kidney function at the same time will help patients avoid dialysis.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is able to treat kidney disease from the root by promoting the blood circulation and blood stasis to repair the kidney damage and improve the kidney function. It is really helpful for patients to have a treatment without dialysis.

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