Why Hot Compress Therapy Is Good for Kidney Disease

2016-04-11 15:40

Why Hot Compress Therapy Is Good for Kidney DiseaseWhy Hot Compress Therapy is good for Kidney Disease? Hot Compress Therapy as one of the effective Chinese medicine therapy, it has become more and more popular for patients with Kidney Disease. There are still have so many patients have no idea about the functions of Hot Compress Therapy. If patients have saw the curative about then they should know that it is suitable for kidney disease because it meets the need of kidney problems.

Why People Get Kidney Disease?

There are many kind of causes are able to lead to kidney disease, inflammation of various parts of the body, the impact of the external environment, the primary disease of kidney and so on.

1. All kinds of infection are able to cause kidney disease.

2. The harsh external environment factors will cause the kidney disease.

3. Plasma viscosity, whole blood viscosity, fibrin content and platelet aggregation significantly increased, which is an important cause of renal cells ischemia or necrosis.

4. Reduce the human immune system caused by overwork

5. Other diseases will cause the damage to glomerular filtration membrane which will lead to the Nephrotic syndrome.

What Are The Function of Hot Compress Therapy?

We have known so many reasons about kidney disease, that treat it should from the real reasons.

Hot compress therapy treat kidney disease though the Shenshu point to make the medicine into the blood vessels of kidney. The function of it is to promote the blood circulation and blood stasis and improve the kidney function.

Due to various kinds of reasons that the kidney was damaged serious, so that repair the kidney damage is a important point of treatment. This kind of treatment can repair the kidney damage by increase the blood values.

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