Which Kind of Treatment That Patients Prefer to Choose for Kidney Disease

2016-04-05 15:30

Which Kind of Treatment That Patients Prefer to Choose for Kidney DiseaseWhich kind of treatment that patients prefer to choose for Kidney disease? As long as people talking about the treatments of kidney disease, most of them would first think of use western medicines to control, dialysis even kidney transplant. We should wondering that

If There Have Not Other Way for Kidney Disease?

As a matter of fact, there are not the only way for patients with kidney disease to choose. But they do really are the most common method in nowadays. While the side effects of these treatments make more and more patients want to find other way to treat kidney disease.

There are some treatments which people do not come into contact:

Stem cell therapy: this treatment is the most advanced treatment for kidney disease as so far. It uses the inherent cells to make up the lose or die cells in kidney with the purpose to repair the kidney damage and improve the kidney function.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: this is a pure Chinese medicine therapy which uses the Chinese herbals to treat kidney disease without side effects and painful. It is divided into different forms, such as Foot bath, Medicated bath, oral medicine, Clyster and some else.

Hot compress therapy: it is also belongs to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in some degree. It can also improve the blood circulation and dilating the blood vessels to keep the blood vessels clean.

Why All Treatments Focus on Improve Blood Vessel?

Fundamentally speaking, kidney disease is because the lesions occur in the interior of the capillaries. Resulting in the accumulation of too much waste, so that the kidney will have high creatinine and renal function decline phenomenon. So that patients should choose the treatment which was good for the blood vessels.

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