Is it Possible to Cure PKD with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

2016-02-09 10:06

Is it Possible to Cure PKD with Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyTo be frankly, PKD cannot be cured totally, but it can be controlled well by proper treatment.

Why PKD cannot be cured?

PKD is a genetic kidney disease, you know no one can change the genes, so there is no treatment can cure this disease totally.

What treatment is helpful for controlling PKD?

Although we cannot cure this disease, but we can control this disease well by inhibiting and shrinking the growth of the cysts in it.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a conservative therapy without pumping fluid or relieving pressure. It is a kind of external application on the back. The Chinese medicine are micronized into one thousandths of its original size. With the action of the microwave, the medicine will permeate into the renal lesions directly through the skin and channels. We use Micro-Chinese Medicine to expand blood vessels, speed up blood circulation on cysts walls, and improve the permeability of the cysts thus making the cysts shrink and decrease. It will restrain the proliferation of the epithelial cells, so the secretion of cyst liquid will be reduced. When the internal pressure of the cyst declined, the size of the cyst will gradually become smaller, thus relieving the compression of the tissues around, improving micro-circulation, and blocking the progressing of renal fibrosis.

From the above we can know that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can control PKD well by inhibiting and shrinking the growth of cysts.

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