Effective Treatment for CKD 5 Stage Patients

2016-01-01 16:21

Effective Treatment for CKD 5 Stage PatientsGenerally speaking, it is difficult for old stage 5 CKD patients that fining a suitable way to manage their poor conditions. Therefore, most of the elderly CKD patients became despaired. Now there is good news to you. The fact proves that the Chinese medical treatment is so effective to stage 5 CKD patients.

Have you every heard of the “ four one” Chinese traditional treatment? I guess your answer is “no”. Because it is a special Chinese medical therapy in our hospital. From the name of this therapy, we can know it include four steps.

For a start, there is kettle of oral Chinese medicine

The oral Chinese medicine is a most common form of Chinese medicine. Due to different conditions, we arrange different Chinese medical herbs, which are supposed to boil into medical soup. This therapy has the function of detoxification. It also can invigorate blood vessels and dissolve blood stasis.

In addition, it si a dose of micro Chinese medicine

This step is the elite of this therapy. We make some Chinese medical herbs into micro powders, then send them into the damaged kidney parts. So the a lot of impaired kidney cells and tissues will be repaired directly.

Furthmore, it is a bottle of Maikang composition

This medicine not only include some kinds of Chinese medical herbs, it also include some vegetables. It always used to improve the blood circulation and reduce the blood fat.

Finally, it is Chinese medical foot bath

Soaking feet before going to bed is a good habit. This Chinese medical foot bath not only can improve the sleep quality of patients, it also has a strong effects in promoting the whole blood circulation of patients.

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