If You Have Kidney Disease With Creatinine 3.3 Can Be Reversed

2018-03-08 10:32

creatinine 3.3If you have Kidney Disease with Creatinine 3.3 can be reversed? I'm a patient of Kidney Disease, creatinine 3.3. what is more, i have Proteinuria, Hematuria, I want to know if I can be reversed? If you are in Chronic Kidney Disease that you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR in free.

In fact, creatinine 3.3 is not very serious that it can be reversed with right treatments. Its elevated creatinine, which means High toxins left in the body and many damaged nephrons. And the Protein and blood in the urine, which means the intrinsic renal cells have been damaged. Now, your Kidney is still in normal Range, with long time high toxins, it will be shrunk Day by day. As Time passes, IF you could not control the disease effectively, which aggravate the renal function even more. What is more, affect the other tissues or organs through the bloodstream. In fact, kidney disease is a kind of chronic Progressive disease, which means the disease has been suffering from quite a long time, complications will affect patients’ life, which maybe threaten lives.

Secondly, creatinine 3.3 is not very high, which means that there are some inherent cells in the kidney were not damaged. Therefore, there is a great opportunity to invest them. But if you could not receive timely treatment, then the investment rate will be gradually reduced.

Traditional Chinese herbal Therapy and Immunotherapy are useful for the expansion of blood vessels, improving blood circulations and eliminating toxins deposited in the area of the kidney, thus Achieving the aim of treating renal disease. In addition, the Traditional Chinese Medicine can help prevent further injury of renal function, and manage the complications effectively. Meanwhile, it helps to avoid additional vessels sclerosis of the whole body, Heart and avoid an accident.

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