How to Treat Gout for CKD Patients with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

2015-12-17 17:22

How to Treat Gout for CKD Patients with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy“Hello, doctor. Is there any treatment or remedies about it? I have this problem about my father. He is a CKD patient. He has lots of gout all over his body especially on joints and finger.” Gouty nephropathy called gout kidney, is due to produce too much uric acid excretion or reduce the formation of hyperuricemia induced kidney damage.

Clinical manifestations of gouty nephropathy may have uric acid stones, small molecule proteinuria, edema, nocturia, hypertension, blood uric acid increased, and renal tubular dysfunction. There are many gouty nephropathy patients in Western countries, north in China and no significant seasonal, people that obesity, like meat and high incidence of alcoholism are like to got disease.

Early clinical manifestations of gout and kidney can have a significant hypertension and azotemia, 25% of patients will be mixed in the course of urinary tract infections, gout, kidney more generally unconsciously onset and progress is very slow, often 10 to 20 years before experiencing renal failure. There are about 20% of patients complicated uric acid stones, there may be renal colic, hematuria or urinary excretion of uric acid stone.

Our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help patients with gout. It is mainly characterized by external application of Chinese medicine, belonging to innovative TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Treatments. It can alleviate patients’ pain.

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