Should One Start Dialysis Process with Creatinine 3.89 in CKD

2017-10-14 18:16

Should One Start Dialysis Process with Creatinine 3.89 in CKDFor people suffering from Kidney Disease, most of them have both the problems Diabetes and high blood pressure. Well then, should one start Dialysis process with Creatinine 3.89 or not?

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In western countries, there is no other effective therapy to treat kidney disease except using steroids. Once their condition develops into the advanced stage, they will be asked to dialysis till they die or take kidney transplant.

Creatinine 3.89, in clinic, signifies the patient is in stage 3 CKD, still in the reversible stage. Through conservative therapy, it can restore some of renal detoxification function and improve glomerular filtration rate. And thus, your creatinine level can be lowered naturally.

Currently in stage 3 CKD, steroid treatment can only simply control your symptoms temporarily, that is why once patients reduce the dosage or stop the medications, the symptoms will appear. So the solution is not enough perfect.

We recommend comprehensive treatment which can repair the damaged kidney intrinsic cells and protect the residual kidney function to you. In this case, your condition can be reversed timely. Systematic Toxin-Removing Treatment is a good option to help you block the progression of illness and do not develop into dialysis stage.

If you are interested in Toxin-Removing Treatment and want to have a try, please leave a message below or email medical reports and phone number to us. Hope you can seize time to treat and have a early recovery.


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