What Signs Indicate Kidney Disease Recurrence

2017-09-10 17:42

What Signs Indicate Kidney Disease RecurrenceEasy recurrence is a feature of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Before the relapse, the disease will change. Well then, what signs indicate kidney disease recurrence?

If you have CKD and want to avoid kidney disease relapse, please go on reading this article. Or consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly and freely.

There are common three symptoms according to the admitted patients:

First, the urine change

Observe the amount, frequency, color, character and odor of urine. Once you find out abnormality in urine, you should contact doctor at the first time and arrange for examination.

For example, the amount of urine is suddenly increased or decreased, urinary frequency increases at night, the color becomes red, white, black, smell disappears and so on, often accompanied by the aggravation of disease.

Second, the body is always weak.

Fatigue or weakness is is an early symptom of many kidney attacks or relapses.

For fatigue or weakness, it may be caused by inadequate oxygen to the body and kidneys, or increase of urine protein and decrease of protein in the blood, or other factors. Once kidney disease patients get fatigue, you should see doctor in time.

Third, catch a cold.

It is easy to catch a cold, which shows the decrease of immunity of kidney disease patients, and is also the biggest cause that kidney disease relapse.

When a cold occurs, immune disorders and inflammatory reactions occur. In this case, not only damage the glomeruli mechanical barrier, but also damage the barrier of charge. The barrier suppressing protein is destroyed, a large amount of urine protein will be leaking out.

Whether elevated proteinuria and hematuria will be restored depends on the different illness condition. It may be back to the situation before treatment, or develop into Kidney Failure, the End Stage Renal Disease.

Once you have the above symptoms and confirm the disease relapse, please pay attention to your illness and take systematic treatment in hospital.

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