How to Prevent Refractory Hematuria and Proteinuria for CKD Patient

2017-07-12 15:28

How to Prevent Refractory Hematuria and Proteinuria for CKD PatientHematuria and Proteinuria are common symptoms of CKD patients in early stage, but because lots of people learn about kidney disease a little, they have no idea how to do once hematuria and proteinuria appear.

Today I will introduce both of them in details, please read on carefully or consult our ONLINE DOCTOR for free.


In general, the normal color of urine is yellow and clear. But not all red urine is hematuria. If urine is red, please pay attention to it and have a urine test to ensure whether it is hematuria or not. If there are more than 3 red blood cells in one high power filed, we can confirm it is hematuria.

Kidney has inflammation reaction, causing kidney congestion and edema. The permeability of capillary of kidney will be increased, so that small amount of red blood cells can enter into urine through capillary, forming microscopic hematuria.

If red blood cells are broken before urinary, the red urine we see is gross hematuria.


The protein content in urine for Healthy people is a few (protein discharge less than 150mg/day), protein quantity test shows negative reaction.

But when our kidney is damaged, the glomerular filtration membrane will enlarge and break, causing the barrier action decrease. Protein will leak out causing proteinuria.

If you have one of them, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is recommended that treats proteinuria and hematuria from the root through repairing damaged glomeruli and improve renal function. It avoids the side effects of steroids. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of effective therapies.

How to prevent refractory hematuria and proteinuria?

1. Do exercise to increase the body’s immunity and resistance and avoid cold, infection and other factors that easily cause proteinuria relapse and worsen.

2. Keep good lifestyle and give up bad life habits, such as away from smoke and alcohol to reduce kidney burden, do reasonable exercise to discharge few toxins via sweat, and keep good attitude and regulate your emotions to benefit illness recovery.

3. Control diet structure and follow reasonable diet principle: low potassium, low salt, low phosphorus, low fat, low protein and high vitamin.

Now you know how to prevent hematuria and proteinuria naturally. If you want to know more details about natural Chinese medicine treatments, welcome to leave message in the below or email to us.


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