How Does Anemia Develop into Kidney Disease

2017-06-17 11:34

How Does Anemia Develop into Kidney Disease“Hi, sir. I am a uremia (End Stage Renal Disease) patient. I have a doubt that how does anemia develop into Kidney Disease? Before I just felt dizziness, the doctor told I had anemia. After taking medicines for a period of time, the condition had no improvement. However, I was told I have CKD in recent checkup.”

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To be honest, the condition of this patient is typical renal anemia. Its manifestation is similar to the common anemia, characterized by yellow complexion, lips and fingernails are pale without luster.

What are the causes of renal anemia?

The main cause of renal anemia is as kidney damage, the ability of producing erythropoietin will be declined. As we all know, blood consists of blood plasma and blood cells, red blood cells are the one the three blood cells. The lack of red blood cells will decline the ability of carrying oxygen, causing systemic anoxia.

When kidney is damaged, the kidney function will be declined correspondingly. In this case, the producing erythropoietin ability will be reduced, leading to the lack of red blood cells. The declined hemoglobin concentration causes anemia.

How to judge anemia or renal anemia?

When you have a physical examination, we suggest you take the three examinations: blood routine examination, urine routine examination, and kidney function examination.

In urine routine examination, the change of protein and occult blood level can reflect the change of kidney function to some extent.

Proper and effective therapy is crucial once your are diagnosed with CKD. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine is stongly recommended to you.And in daily life, we should notice the symptoms we have and see doctor timely. Do not leave regret to yourself.

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