Why I Have Foamy Urine and What Is the Treatment

2017-05-05 16:39

Why I Have Foamy Urine and What Is the TreatmentIn CKD, foamy urine is one common symptom, which brings trouble to patients. However, why there are foams in urine? And what is its treatment?

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The reasons of foamy urine

When there are some organic matters and inorganic matters in urine, the urine tension would be stronger than the normal urine, at this time, the foamy urine would be formed. The foamy urine does not always mean some body disorders, many factors can lead to the urine tension changes.

-- Patients with Kidney Disease or liver disease may suffer from foamy urine due to the increase of protein in urine.

-- Bladder diseases such as cystitis, carcinoma of urinary bladder and other kinds of urinary system infection disease can lead to the change of urine components, leading to foamy urine.

-- Diabetes patients with high urine sugar and urine ketone body contains can influence the pH value which also can change the urine tension.

-- Urgent emiction can increase the urine tension with the high seed of uroflowmetry, at this time, foamy urine is normal.

The treatments of foamy urine

If there are too many and big foams in urine lasting for a long term, patients had better see a doctor in professional kidney disease hospital as soon as possible.

If it is kidney disease, Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments are good choice than hormones, which are healthy and safe for patients without side effects. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is very popular for treating this condition.

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