How to Control All Kinds of Symptoms for Patients with Kidney Disease

2016-10-10 11:04

Kidney Disease,Control All Kinds of Symptoms,Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyHow to Control All Kinds of Symptoms for Patients with Kidney Disease? Kidney is the root of ones body, so every should protect it very carefully. At first we should know if our kidney is healthy now. There are some symptoms for for kidney disease, you can check it by yourself.

1. Always feel tired. We called it as fatigue in most time.

2. Have no appetite and even feel nauseated. People should pay attention of this symptom, it is easily ignored in most time.

3. Foam in urine. It is known as protein in urine or proteinuria.

4. Low back pain. Common to see on patients with kidney stone, PKD, kidney cyst.

5. Too much or too little urine per day. It will show you the kidney function in some degree.

6. Swelling or edema, common to see nephrotic syndrome and nephritis, especially on children.

7. Diabetes and hypertension. Due to kidney damage they are common to see on patients with kidney disease.

8. Gout and hyperuricemia. Too much uric acid in blood lead to gout and hyperuricemia.

9. Urinary tract infection. If you are often affected by Urinary tract infection that you should be careful. Because urinary tract infection may cause renal insufficiency.

10. Anemia. If we appear anemia, we will thinks about blood problem at once. But actually, kidney damage can also cause anemia.

So for this kind of symptoms what should patients do with effective treatment?

Treat for kidney disease that systemic treatment or combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine treatment is the best way to treat disease from root. Besides necessary hormone treatment that Chinese medicine Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will have great function for patients to treat kidney disease form fundamental reason and alleviate symptoms.

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