How to Eliminate Occult Blood in Urine for Kidney Disease Patients

2017-02-04 10:47

CKD,Eliminate Occult Blood in Urine,Chinese Medicine TreatmentHow to Eliminate Occult Blood in Urine for Kidney Disease Patients? Occult blood is the cracked red cells in the urine. It is also a kind of react about kidney damage in some degree. There are two reasons for red cells crack.

Physiological causes: excepting Menstrual Cycle of women, strenuous exercise and much water intake might cause to occult blood in the urine, but it will disappear in a short time, do not harm to our body.

Pathological causes: the most common reason is infection, such as urinary infection and kidney infection, the second common reason of occult blood is stone, whether it is kidney stone or is ureteral calculus or is bladder stone. The third reason is tumour, which is a risk condition.

There are many kinds of kidney disease will cause to occult blood, which includes acute glomerular disease, Chronic Glomerular Nephritis, Iga Nephropathy and so on. Especially for Chronic Nephritis, intermittent occult blood in the early stage, which is easy to neglect for no other symptoms. This is why chronic nephritis also be called as” invisible killers”

How to treat for occult blood with Chinese medicine in clinic?

Occult blood is a difficulty for many patients with kidney disease, for protein is easy to control. Same with proteinuria treatment, we also treat occult blood from cells.

Due to oral medicine is difficult to reach at the kidney and take effects, so we create some new treatment ways such as Du-moxibustion, Du-steamed, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, etc,the medicines effects are easier to reach at kidney through kinds of treatment options. These medicine can improve ischemic condition of cells and stop the process of cells deterioration and maintain kidney function effectively,based on this idea, we can eliminate occult blood effectively.

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