What Kind of Treatment Is Able to Alleviate All Kinds of Symptoms about CKD Effectively

2016-04-28 15:45

What Kind of Treatment Is Able to Alleviate All Kinds of Symptoms about CKD EffectivelyWhat kind of treatment is able to alleviate all kinds of symptoms about CKD effectively? Patients with CKD are easily bothered by so many symptoms: swelling, blood in urine, protein in urine, fatigue , back pain, skin itching and so on. Both of these symptoms are have greatly influence on patients’ life.

Why CKD have so many symptoms?

There are a lot of reasons can lead to CKD, the symptoms of it are due to the kidney damage of CKD. Thus make the kidney can not play its functions as normal. Situation of Ischemia and hypoxia will make all the symptoms more and more serious.

How to alleviate them?

The most common treatment for CKD is Dialysis, patients want to depend on it to alleviate symptoms and reduce pain. However, in fact, dialysis is just a kind of method for CKD not the real treatment. So it has not the real function to treat for it for its root.

First, patients need to repair their kidney damage to stop the further damage of kidney.

Second, kidney function needed improve, that will make the kidneys have power to keep the balance of blood and other subjects.

According to that, Stem Cell Therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy are two effective treatments which can treat kidney disease form the root. Both of them have the function of supplementing red blood cells in kidneys and clean blood vessels. With the good condition that kidneys will have great chance to recover without any side effects.

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