10 Symptoms Show You May Have Kidney Disease

2018-07-01 11:18

10 Symptoms Show You May Have Kidney DiseaseWith the life rhythm increasing more quickly, nowadays most of person has to face the large pressure of life and their bad life habit also may produce damage to their health, especially the kidney is the most important organ to discharge the toxins and metabolism products , when a person often stays up and has irregular diet , less exercise ,their kidney will work hard to discharge more toxins from body and gradually it can be hurt and then you will feel some discomforts in your life, as a kidney doctor i want to tell you that what symptoms can show your kidney problem.

In advance we must know what are the signs that something is wrong with your kidneys, from the following signs we can know about our own kidney condition.

If you’re at risk for kidney disease due to high blood pressure, diabetes, a family history of kidney failure or if you’re older than age 60, it’s important to get tested annually for kidney disease. Be sure to mention any symptoms you’re experiencing to your healthcare practitioner.

1. You're more tired, have less energy or are having trouble concentrating.

2. You're having trouble sleeping.

3. You have dry and itchy skin.

4. You feel the need to urinate more often.

5. You see blood in your urine.

6. Your urine is foamy.

7. You're experiencing persistent puffiness around your eyes.

8. Your ankles and feet are swollen.

9. You don’t like to eat food even you feel hungry , and often feel nausea and vomiting. This is a very general symptom, but a buildup of toxins resulting from reduced kidney function can be one of the causes.

10. Your muscles are cramping. Electrolyte imbalances can result from impaired kidney function. For example, low calcium levels and poorly controlled phosphorus may contribute to muscle cramping.

According to the symptoms above you must go to see a doctor in time and accept the reasonable treatment in time, how to deal with this symptoms on time is very important to every patient, and our kidney experts in Huaxia Kidney Disease Institute have researched it for many years and developed a systemic natural treatment for this, the treatment effect is very effective and no any side effect to patients ,so if you have something wrong with your kidney please contact us through following message:

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