Is It Possible to Reverse Kidney Disease Before ESRD Comes

2017-09-10 16:14

Is It Possible to Reverse Kidney Disease Before ESRD ComesESRD (Uremia) is a series of syndromes that various kidney diseases progress into the end stage. In this stage, patients’ renal function decreases severely in which the renal damage is irreversible. Is it possible to reverse kidney disease before ESRD comes?

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Is it possible to reverse kidney disease before ESRD comes?

As a matter of fact, uremia does not appear suddenly but a development process. If patients can take timely therapy before ESRD comes, it is possible to reverse.

1. To avoid uremia, you need to follow these things:

* Intake less salt to reduce the burden of kidneys and the incidence of kidney disease.

* Keep good rest more than 8 hours to reduce the risk of proteinuria.

* Get away from smoking (including secondhand smoke) that easily induces nephritis, cardiovascular disease and others.

* Do more exercise to increase immunity.

* Do not abuse medicines, especially renal toxicity drugs.

* Keep good and active mood.

2. You should know the early symptoms of kidney disease to avoid uremia.

* Edema in face, eyelid, ankle, and double lower legs

* Abnormal urine, such as proteinuria (with foam) and hematuria

* The body is prone to be tired and is difficultly relieved.

* Blood pressure rises suddenly.

* Unexplained appetite loss, nausea and vomiting

Besides, people with high blood pressure, diabetes and high uric acid are at high risk of kidney disease.

How to reverse kidney disease to avoid uremia?

Based on glomerular filtration rate Chronic Kidney Disease can be divided into five stages:

GFR >= 90, stage 1 CKD

60<= GFR<= 89, stage 2 CKD

30<= GFR<= 59, stage 3 CKD

15<= GFR<= 29, stage 4 CKD

GFR < 15, stage 5 CKD (the End Stage Renal Disease)

From the above we can see we need to grasp the first four periods and try to delay the progress of renal function by expelling toxins and wastes, repairing kidney lesion and improving renal function fundamentally.

Systematic Toxin-Removing Treatment based on TCM can help you meet the above goals if you take it as early as possible.


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