How Can We Prevent the Relapse of CKD Effectively

2017-11-29 14:30

How Can We Prevent the Relapse of CKD Effectively,Huaxia Kidney Disease Research InstituteMore and more patients with CKD feel helpless and bothered because their kidney disease always relapse again and again in checkup. Is there any an effective therapy to ensure kidney disease improve? How can we prevent the relapse of CKD effectively?

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Except for proper and timely medical treatments, you also need to keep good habits in daily life to protect the kidney from further damage.

Here the nephrologist of Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute suggests you four points to prevent kidney disease relapse.

First: Keep balanced diet

In kidney disease, elevated Creatinine is one of the common symptoms, which is also affected by foods. Therefore, in daily life, you not only need to keep balanced diet, but also keep regular diet. Keep low-salt, low-sugar, and high quality protein is very necessary for your health.

Second: Keep away from health care products

Majority of these health care products are rich in protein, which not meet your needs for diet. Besides, large amount of protein is bad for your kidneys and increase the burden of your kidneys and body, causing kidney damage.

Third: Choose proper medications

Since CKD is a slow kidney disease that needs patients take lots of medications to prevent it. However, you should choose proper medications and do not abuse medications without the permission and guidance of doctors. It is because long-term medication abuse will lead to kidney damage and cause a series of severe complications.

Fourth: Refuse strong tea or coffee

Strong tea or coffee will cause high blood pressure that is one of leading causes of kidney disease. They are not good for kidney disease recovery.

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