How Does Moxibustion Therapy Treat Glomerulonephritis

2017-07-31 14:56

How Does Moxibustion Therapy Treat GlomerulonephritisMoxibustion Therapy is made based on two doses of moxibustion recipe add moxa roll or moxa floss to the powder grinded for moxibustion. Well then, how does Moxibustion Therapy treat Chronic Glomerulonephritis effectively?

This therapy aims to adjust healthy qi and blood in human body by moxibustion acting on meridians. It increases blood and qi flow, harmonizes and nourishes viscera, so that recovering human body’s ability of fighting against the disease. Generally, it is often applied with some other Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath therapy, medicated bath therapy, oral Chinese medicine treatment, Maikang Mixture, etc.

The patient is from Uzbekistan, who was diagnosed with Chronic Glomerulonephritis. He was given a systematic therapy including Moxibustion Therapy, which can balance the organs and regulate qi and blood flow in the body as well as boosting our immune system, achieving the goals of repairing kidney lesion and improving renal function.

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