What Are The Notes And Treatments For Chronic Nephritis

2018-11-11 11:08

Chronic Nephritis,Treatments1. Avoid fatigue, remove infection and other incentives, avoid exposure to nephrotoxic drugs or poisons, adopt a healthy lifestyle (such as smoking cessation, moderate exercise and emotional control) and a reasonable diet;

2. In acute stage, we should stay in bed and gradually increase activity after clinical symptoms improve.

3. Acute phase should be given a low salt diet (less than 3G a day).

4. There is no need to limit protein intake in normal renal function patients, but in azotemia, protein intake should be limited, and high-quality animal protein should be the main factor.

5. Oliguria should limit liquid intake.

6. Actively assist doctors in etiological treatment and support symptomatic treatment.

The most important to treat chronic nephritis is reasonable treatments. In China, most of patients take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat chronic nephritis, which has the following effects:

It is one of the unique treatments of Chinese Medicine. The Chinese Medicine refined Powder and then placed in two medicinal bags. It connects with the Advanced Technology of the Machine of osmosis. Two medicated bags are placed in the shenshu area of patients, and you only need to lie in the bed for 40-50 minutes. The Machine of the osmosis helps the active ingredients in Chinese Medicines entering the kidney damage directly through the shenshu acupoint and skin permeation. It can Clean Your Blood to provide a good Environment of Blood to recover renal function. With a clean environment of micro - Blood, Micro-Chinese Medicine can stimulate the self-healing capacity of damaged renal tissues and renal function gradually improved through the expansion of blood vessels, Improving Blood Circulation, degrade The Matrix former Tracelular, prevent the inflammation and coagulation. So chronic nephritis can be treated well with Chinese Herbal Medicines.

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