What Are The Common Symptoms of Chronic Nephritis

2018-08-20 14:32

Chronic NephritisEarly detection of nephritis and familiarity with common symptoms of nephritis are helpful. Generally speaking, the common symptoms of nephritis are edema, increased urinary foam, hematuria, waist pain, hypertension and so on.

1. Edema. The edema of nephritis often begins in the eyelid, face, scrotum and other relatively loose places, then will be flooded with edema of the lower limbs, severe can also be edema of the whole body, a few people can also have ascites.

2. Foam in urine. The increase in urine foam is often a protein phenomenon. In general, the more foam, the more protein.

3. Hematuria. Under normal circumstances, the naked eye can not see blood in the urine, and there is no red blood cells under the microscope, if there is naked eye hematuria that means the urine red blood cells have much better. However, this does not mean that the color of urine red is equal to hematuria, of course, not necessarily nephritis. In addition, female peer hematuria should pay attention to whether it is caused by menstruation, so urine test to avoid menstruation.

4. Aching in the waist. The patient of nephritis often does not have apparent lumbago expression, just some patient discovers nephritis, think nephritis is lumbar have disease, can feel have lumbago only, this kind of lumbago is bigger than pyelonephritis and kidney stone lumbago, the lumbago of pyelonephritis is one side mostly, and kidney stone lumbago is much more intense and radiate to the inside of thigh.

5. Hypertension. Patients with nephritis may or may not be accompanied by hypertension, but if uremia develops, it is often accompanied by hypertension and difficult to control. Generally speaking, patients with hypertensive nephritis often have worse prognosis than patients without hypertension. In short, once you find the above symptoms, please go to the regular hospital in time to see the kidney medicine, in order to avoid delaying treatment.

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