Can You Give Some Other Options Aside from Dialysis

2017-10-09 15:00

Can You Give Some Other Options Aside from Dialysis“Actually I am talking about my father. He can’t do Dialysis because of weakness reason, can you give me some other options please regards. His name is mr. ram sachdeva and 54 age.”

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Some other options aside from dialysis

In kidney disease, once their illness condition develops into the Kidney Failure or ESRD period, dialysis will be asked at last as the final choice. However, not all patients are suitable for dialysis and not all patients want to do it.

Since Chinese herbal medicines can treat various diseases from the root, they can be used to be alternative of dialysis to treat kidney disease for patients.

Curative effects of Chinese medicines

In Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, mature Toxin-Removing Treatment can be a good option for you instead of continuous dialysis.

This therapy is able to cleanse the polluted blood, repair your injured kidney tissues and cells, promote parts of renal function by the functions of opening the blocked meridians and collaterals, removing blood stasis, improving blood circulation, reliving renal anoxia and anemia to speed up kidney recovery. What is more, the Chinese medicines can provide adequate nutrients, oxygen and blood volume to kidney directly for kidney recovery.

In this way, through half a month of treatment, your father’s weakness can be improved well and his renal function can be improved about 10%. After one month, renal function can be improved more and the symptoms like fatigue, poor appetite, back pain can be relieved effectively.

If you want to know more details about Toxin-Removing Treatment as alternative of dialysis, you can leave a message in the below form or email the patient’s medical reports and phone number to us. We are always here to help you.


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