Is There A Chance to Lower Creatinine 420 Except From Dialysis

2017-09-05 18:13

Is There A Chance to Lower Creatinine 420 Except From DialysisIs there a chance to lower the Creatinine of my dad? He is 54, controlled diabetic and also controlled hypertension. His Creatinine level is 420. Is there still a way except from Dialysis??

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What does creatinine 420 mean?

Frankly speaking, serum creatinine 420 is a very crucial level which means you are in CKD Stage 3. It can be reversed effectively if you take proper therapy timely.

Serum creatinine refers to creatinine in blood. Normally, it is kept in a stable range 0.5-1.3mg/dl. Creatinine is the byproduct of meat, including meat we need and our muscles. When creatinine level is higher than the normal range, kidneys will help to discharge excess one. Therefore, kidney plays a crucial role for a normal serum creatinine. For this reason, high serum creatinine always indicate kidney problem.

Is there a chance to lower creatinine 420 except from dialysis?

If you want to avoid dialysis successfully you need to take therapy as early as possible. In CKD stage 3, there are few symptoms or complications. Before it is too late to save your kidney, the underlying treatment should focus on repairing the damaged kidney tissues and improving kidney function to make kidney works by itself effectively.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been proven to repair kidney lesion and improve kidney function through years of clinical application and it has treated foreign patients from more than 148 countries. This therapy is an external application treatment which combines Traditional Chinese Medicines with advanced osmotic device so patients just need to lie on the bed. During the treatment you can sleep, listen slight music and so on without any discomforts. As the improved renal function, your kidney can discharge the extra creatine normally to lower elevated creatinine level 420.

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