Bring Down Creatinine and Blood Urea Level without Dialysis

2017-07-26 14:49

Bring Down Creatinine and Blood Urea Level without DialysisFor CKD patients, you may be no strange for elevated Creatinine level and Blood Urea level. With the rapid progression of medical technology, growing want to take alternatives to Dialysis and naturally lower high creatinine and blood urea level.

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High Creatinine and Blood urea level

Generally, kidney is responsible for filtering the wastes and toxins in the body out effectively, and maintain the balance of body. However, once it is damaged seriously, its strong compensatory ability will be declined to filter the wastes abnormally. With time goes by, more and more harmful materials will build up in the body like creatinine and urea, causing high creatinine level and high blood urea level.

Thus if bring down these abnormal levels, damaged kidney intrinsic cells and tissues are very necessary.

Dialysis and it alternatives—Chinese medicine treatments

Dialysis is often used to bring down high creatinine and high blood urea level, but it just helps them temporarily, because the damaged kidney condition still exists.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments are good alternatives to dialysis, which can help repair the impaired nephrons and reverse them back to normal function. Through a period of treatment, you will find your urine output increase, high creatinine and blood urea bring down, GFR improves and your whole health condition gets great improvement. And then you can avoid dialysis naturally.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, foot bath therapy, Medicated Bath, etc are all effective for you.

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