Can Patient with Creatinine 700 Be Saved If Doctor Suggested Dialysis

2017-06-03 15:10

Can Patient with Creatinine 700 Be Saved If Doctor Suggested DialysisAs for each Chronic Kidney Disease patient, the most frightening thing is to develop into the End Stage Renal Disease (Uremia). In Nephritis stage, it is ok to follow the doctor’s suggestions. However, when their Creatinine elevates 700, they will be afraid.

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Do not take dialysis? But the doctor have asked dialysis, is it dangerous if no dialysis?

In the following we will solve the problem for you.

When kidney disease patients must accept dialysis?

Creatinine level is not an accurate indicator, so that it is not suitable as the standard of dialysis. It is reported that in numerous patients’ experience, there are two standards of dialysis:

1. Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) less than 5.

2. GFR is in 5 to 10 with heart failure, hyperkalemia and acidosis.

If you have any one, you must take dialysis immediately.

When ESRD patients can be saved?

In general, the standard of ESRD is creatinine level > 707 and GFR < 15.

The experts think only if GFR > 10, the kidney can be saved.

GFR is in 10 to 14, if patients still feel good and do not have heart failure, they are hopeful to avoid dialysis. Here we recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment to repair the damaged kidney tissues. Of course, personal factors play an important role.

GFR will decline 3 to 5 each year. Thus for patients with 700+, there is no enough time to think and struggle. You need to take effective measure promptly.

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