Why Increasing Kidney Disease Patients Choose Chinese Treatments

2017-05-08 17:30

Why Increasing Kidney Disease Patients Choose Chinese TreatmentsNowadays, increasing Kidney Disease patients are willing to go abroad to China to choose Chinese treatments for their condition. Why? It is because there is no effective remedy in their country. How do Chinese treatments help kidney disease patients?

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What is the Treatment Characteristics of Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute?

Here we mainly list three aspects:

I The four good curative effects of Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute:

1. Assuring disappearance of enema;

2. Treating Proteinuria becomes negative;

3. Capability to make hematuria disappear;

4. Controlling kidney from further damage effectively.

II Six characteristics of CKD treatment in Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute:

1. The core technique is blood purification and detoxification;

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine oriented and other treatments adjuvant;

3. Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy oriented and externally applied therapies adjuvant;

4. Valuing the blood-activating medicine;

5. Flexible application of collateral-dredging medicine;

6. Skillfully using damp-clearing medicine;

III The difference between Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute and other hospitals:

1. We master the regularity and characteristics of hematuria, proteinuria and enema from TCM aspect.

2. We have particularity on TCM application.

3. We have originality on prescription design.

The systemic Toxin-Removing Treatment is one characteristic therapy which is invented through years of clinical experience.

Are you hesitating to take our Chinese medicine treatments? If you want to know more details on our natural treatments for CKD or want to avoid Kidney Failure and Dialysis, you can have a try. Welcome to leave a message below or email to us. Best wishes!

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