CKD Stage 3 with Creatinine 4.8: How to Reverse and Avoid Dialysis

2017-04-25 15:33

CKD Stage 3 with Creatinine 4.8: How to Reverse and Avoid DialysisTo be honest, CKD stage 3 patients with Creatinine 4.8 is in a key stage for patients to reverse their condition naturally without Dialysis. Well then, how to reverse CKD stage 3 and avoid dialysis successfully? Please go on reading or consult ONLINE DOCTOR in the popup window for free.

Creatinine is a chemical waste product of muscle product in the blood. It will be discharged from the body along with urine. However, when the kidney damage happens, the kidneys are unable to filter these waste products effectively, causing high creatinine level easily. These wastes will turn back to damage kidneys again, which forms a vicious circle.

What are the natural treatments for creatinine 4.8?

The traditional treatment is hormone. It is often used to absorb the toxins in blood. However, creatinine level is unstable with the declined kidney function. Besides, hormones may cause many side effects for patients, such as poor memory, moon face, swelling, etc.

The underlying cause of elevated creatinine level is the damaged kidney. Thus reducing creatinine need to repair these damaged kidney tissues. In Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, we often use Toxin-Removing Treatment to cleanse blood and deal with kidney disease. This systemic treatment contains various Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, such as Four One Therapy.

The Four One Therapy for CKD stage 3 with creatinine 4.8

A battle of Maikang Mixture: when people got kidney disease, their blood flow velocity will become slowly. This therepy has the functions of supporting genuine Qi and dredging collaterals, so that the blood flow can become normal and the toxins depositing will decrease.

A dose of Oral Chinese Medicine TherapyIt differs from Maikang Mixture, which is created differently according to each patient’s specific physical condition. Its main function is to cleanse the polluted blood.

A dose of external application medicine—Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: It is applied on the kidney area. With the help of professional device, it can dilate blood vessels, dredge the blood stasis and improve blood circulation of kidney.

A basin of Foot Bath Therapy: It focuses on promoting blood circulation of the whole body and expels the toxins out.

With the normal blood circulation, the medicine can repair the damaged kidney and improve kidney function, creatinine 4.8 also can be reduced naturally without dialysis.

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