Can Acupuncture Therapy Help Patients Stop Dialysis

2017-03-31 18:31

Can Acupuncture Therapy Help Patients Stop DialysisHi, my father is suffering from Dialysis twice a week. Can Acupuncture Therapy help patients stop dialysis? We just start for three months.

How about dialysis for kidney failure patients?

As a matter of fact, Dialysis just can replace parts of kidney functions when kidneys are damaged in Kidney Failure. It removes the wastes and extra water in the blood. However, dialysis is an imperfect treatment to replace kidney function because it does not treat and regulate the compromised endocrine functions of the kidney. So more and more patients are looking forward to find another therapy to replace dialysis and treat Kidney Failure.

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How about acupuncture therapy?

Acupuncture therapy aims to relieve the pain and reconcile of the blood. But it is hard to get rid of dialysis even if patients receive acupuncture therapy. Therefore, you need take other efficient treatments to repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function to protect the residual functions.

Toxin-Removing Treatment is a latest therapy that our experts created through years of clinical experience. It can provide a good environment for kidney recovery. Among this systemic treatment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the most effective treatments. It is an external application therapy, which patients just need to lie on the bed comfortably even you can have a sleep. This therapy can dilate blood vessels, increase blood circulation, prevent inflammation and coagulation, and degradation. What is more, through a period of treatment, the damaged kidney can be repaired and kidney function improved naturally.

Acupuncture therapy can combine with other Chinese medicine treatments to repair kidney lesion. If you need any help, please leave message in the below form or email to Or consult on WhatsApp/Viber: +86 18730617149, +86 13503211882. Have a great day!

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