Why Some Dialysis Patients Will Suffer From No Urine

2017-03-28 15:47

Why Some Dialysis Patients Will Suffer From No UrineUsually, healthy kidneys will filter the extra wastes and water out of the body in the form of urine. However, some Dialysis patients will suffer from no urine output. Why it appears?

Why Dialysis patients will have no urine output?

Dialysis indeed can replace parts of function of kidney to filter wastes and toxins, but it cannot repair the damaged kidney tissues and cells, let alone improve kidney function. What is worse, with the dialysis treatment, patients’ kidney function will decline continuously. Once they fail to discharge the toxins and water from the body totally, patients will have no urine output.

The extra water retention will cause swelling or weight gain. Even it will cause more serious symptoms. Thus effective treatment is necessary.

What treatment can help repair kidney damage and improve kidney function?

As a matter of fact, dialysis is not the only choice for Kidney Failure or ESRD patients. Because dialysis has various side effects for patients, majority patients want to choose an alternative of dialysis. Chinese medicine treatments become an option. Toxin-Removing Treatment based on TCM has been proven to be effective for treating kidney disease.

Through dilating blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, degradation and preventing inflammation and coagulation, these active substances of Chinese medicines can enter into kidney directly and repair kidney tissues and improve kidney function gradually.

It is possible for patients to avoid dialysis naturally with the improved kidney function. Patients’ urine volume can also be increased.

In sum up, kidney is responsible for discharging wastes and fluid. If it is damaged, this function will fail to work. If you are interested in Toxin-Removing Therapy for repairing kidney damage or want to know how to avoid dialysis, please leave message below or consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free. Have a great day!

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