Dialysis Patients with Creatinine 8 Treated By Stem Cell Therapy

2016-12-22 10:55

Avoid Dialysis,Creatinine 8,Stem Cell TherapyMy new test report shows that Creatinine 8, BUN 100, high blood pressure. Now I am on dialysis once a week. Does stem cell therapy work well for me?

Stem Cell Therapy is an advanced medical technique bringing hope to many patients. Because they can differentiate into different body tissues and cells, when the healthy stem cells are transplanted into your body, they replace the damaged ones to work.

Due to that your creatinine level and BUN are really high. This indicates that your kidneys have been severely damaged and there are still a lot of waste products in the blood. Those wastes can greatly affect the survival of stem cells. Therefore,you should set up a better blood environment to ensure that stem cells can work well.

In our hospital, we use Chinese medicine to matched with Stem Cell Therapy for this kind of patients' treatment. Effective Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital include: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Oral Chinese medicine, Circle Therapy and so on. Both of them have great function for repairing kidney damage and restoring kidney function.

With treatment going on, your blood condition will get greatly improved. And then you can take stem cell therapy to help promote your kidney function.

Stem cell therapy is helpful for dialysis patients to improve kidney function, but the precondition is that your kidneys are not dead totally. Chinese medicine will help you have a better recover. If you want to have a try about this kind of treatment, you can tell us now with the following ways. We will try our best to help you.


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