Is Diabetic Nephropathy Reversible without Dialysis Treatment

2016-12-10 12:05

Avoid Dialysis,Diabetic Nephropath,Chinese MedicineThere is a truth for every one with Diabetic Nephropathy that dialysis is not the treatment which can help them reverse disease. The mainly function of dialysis is help them alleviate symptoms. If they want to reverse, dialysis should be stop in most time.

Why dialysis should be stopped for diabetic nephropathy patients who want to have reverse?

We know about the function of dialysis for kidney disease patients. And now we also know about that treatment for diabetic nephropathy patients should start from controlling diabetes, while dialysis do really helpful for it. But it do not have function or help for kidney damage which caused by diabetes.

There is a sense which really common to see that with dialysis treatment patients’ kidney function will be more and more less than before. That is due to that damage on kidneys become more and more severe than before. So that diabetic nephropathy patients can not take dialysis as the only treatment for them now. They need some treatment which can help them control diabetes and repair kidney damage at the same time.

Is there any treatment can help diabetic nephropathy patients have a reverse?

For this kind of question, the answer form us is yes. Dialysis for some patients are necessary, for that we cannot deny, but that not means they need to relay on dialysis in the rest of their life.

Chinese medicine is good at treating disease from root. We adopted some kind of herbal medicine to help patients clean toxins in blood to control diabetes, of course there need some western medicine in some degree. Then medicines will repair damage on kidneys and supplement nutrition or blood for kidneys to restore their function.

As long as kidney function work well again, that the condition will have chance to become more and more better than before. Dialysis is not necessary in this kind of condition.

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