How to Decrease Creatinine 650 without Going Dialysis

2016-12-07 11:43

Avoid Dailysis,Creatinine 650,Chinese Medicine TreatmentAre you still suffering dialysis due to high creatinine now? Do you want to get rid of it or reduce times of dialysis from now on? You can consult online doctor or read about this text.

Is there a necessary for creatinine 650 take dialysis?

Whether patients with high creatinine at present need to take dialysis should consider about the specific illness condition of patients. You should know about that, not all patients with high creatinine will have serious symptoms which will disturb their life. For this kind of patients, they just need to pay more attention at present and also need to prevent further damage on kidneys. If patients have severe symptoms which make them more and more weak, then dialysis for them is necessary in some time. But not means they have to relay on it to spend the rest of their life.

High creatinine level is due to kidney damage, that is to say as long as kidney damage repaired and kidneys can work well as normal to discharge toxins in blood, there will have no need for them to take dialysis.

So how to repair damage on kidneys and make kidneys work well again?

Until now, I think most people do not think dialysis can help them treat for kidney disease from root anymore. So that now we use Chinese medicine treatments for patients with kidney disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and a series of Chinese medicine treatments are good at cleaning toxins in blood and repairing kidney damage on kidneys. After that herbal medicines can supplement nutrition and blood for kidneys to restore kidney function. So that you will see your creatinine level down after a period of treatment with them. You do not have to worry about relapse of high creatinine and dialysis.

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