How to Reduce Urea And Creatinine Level with Natural Way

2016-11-14 14:07

Reduce Urea And Creatinine Level,Natural Way,Chinese MedicineHow to Reduce Urea And Creatinine Level with Natural Way? The amount of urea and creatinine in blood are two important indicators for assessing kidney function. High urea and creatinine level usually means kidney damage. But they can be treated well to protect kidneys. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

People with high urea and creatinine level do not always want to realy on dialysis or Western medicine to control or reduce them.

What are natural ways to reduce high urea and creatinine level?

Diet management or therapy

Kidney disesae patients should follow the principles:

Some foods with diuretic properties, such as celery, strawberry, cranberry, watermelon and blueberry, etc.

Low protein diet and high quality protein intake

Avoid creatine supplement

Restrict sodium intake

Diet tips are essential for reducing high urea and creatinine level natural. However, Chinese medicine therapy can not only reduce high urea and creatinine level but also restore damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function.

Immunotherapy has six steps including immune diagnosis, immune regulation, immune clearance, immune blocking, immune tolerance and immune absorption. Immune clearance in immunotherapy is used to discharged immune complexes and other wastes including urea and creatinine. Besides, there are some advanced blood purification techniques such as plasma exchange and blood polluted therapy. All of these can discharge wastes out of blood. In this way, urea and creatinine can be lowered effectively. What’s more important, immunotherapy is able to restore damage kidney tissues and improve kidney function. Urea and creatinine level will be reduced relatively and naturally when kidney function is improved.

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