Can Stem Cell Therapy Able to Make 18% Kidney Function Patient Avoid Dialysis

2016-11-03 13:58

Avoid Dialysis,18% Kidney Function,Stem Cell TherapyCan Stem Cell Therapy able to make 18% Kidney Function patient Avoid Dialysis? 18% kidney function means what for a people? It means there have more than half of the kidney was damaged and they can not work well now. So dialysis recommended by doctor is no fault, but also can be not necessary.

Why dialysis for 18% kidney function patients it true way?

We know about that as long as kidney damaged that there will have a lot of function can not work well. So that kidneys can not work as normal to discharge all kinds of toxins in blood and stable balance of health condition. Dialysis is able to replace some kind of kidney function to eliminate some parts of toxins in blood and excessive water to keep the condition well in a short time.

Of course, dialysis is not perfect, too much side effects on patients will increase the damage on kidneys and make more and more kidney function lose. Now there have other treatment for this kind of patents without dialysis-- Stem Cell Therapy.

Can Stem Cell Therapy help 18% kidney function recover?

This kind of treatment is widely used in all kinds of diseases. For kidney failure patients, this kind of treatment can repair damaged kidney tissues and supplement cells for kidneys to rebuild kidney tissue. Red blood cells can also be supplied by it, that will play a great role for kidneys to restore kidney function. As long as kidneys have chance to work again that all kinds of symptoms will disappear and dialysis will not necessary in most time.

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