What Treatments Can Help Patients with Protein Comes in Urine after Kidney Transplant

2016-07-18 10:49

What Treatments Can Help Patients with Protein Comes in Urine after Kidney TransplantWhat treatments can help patients with Protein comes in Urine after Kidney Transplant? Most people thingk kidney transplant is the most effective treatment for kidney disease. There is no doubt that kidney transplant is one of the most effective treatments in nowadays. But as a matter of fact, it can not cure kidney disease completely.

Can kidney transplant cure kidney disease completely?

We should know about that kidney transplant is the last choice for patients with end stage renal disease, which is the worst illness condition. For this kind of people, there will have little or no kidney function exist now. They need a healthy kidney to support normal work of body.

We said that kidney transplant can not cure kidney disease is due o that there will appear so many complications after kidney transplant, which will lead to kidney problem again. Protein comes in urine, is a kind of symptom for patients with kidney problem again after kidney transplant.

How to treat for protein in urine for patients after kidney transplant?

There is no doubt that kidney transplant patients need to prevent damage on new kidney. But now it has damaged already, so prevent further damage on it and restore kidney function will be the best treatment for this kind of patients.

What treatment can treat for high creatinine after kidney transplant?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy are two brand new treatment for kidney disease and especially kidney failure. Both of them have the function of repairing kidney damage and supplement red blood cells for kidneys or nutrition for kidneys to restore kidney function. Then protein in urine will disappear and dialysis can be avoided effectively.

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