Any Other Choice for Chronic Glomerulonephritis Except Dialysis

2016-07-01 10:27

Any Other Choice for Chronic Glomerulonephritis Except DialysisAny other choice for Chronic Glomerulonephritis Except Dialysis? In so many countries, for kidney patients, there are only dialysis for them in most time. While due to so many side effects on dialysis, that more and more patients do not want to choose dialysis as the only choice anymore.

Why Chronic Glomerulonephritis do not want to take dialysis?

Both of us know about that dialysis will lead to so many side effects on patients. There will have a series of complications of dialysis appear on patients and have bad influence for their normal life.

While most of them have no idea about that dialysis will damage the kidneys in huge degree. We can see that through the reaction of patients. There is a common symptoms, with dialysis treatment that urine output of patients will become more and more less than before. That is due to dialysis lead to anemia on kidneys then kidneys have not enough blood to play the function.

In addition, dialysis can not be stopped once it started, that will bring a long time pain for patients to take.

Any other choice for kidney disease patients without dialysis?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of treatment for kidney disease, which is effective and have little even no side effects on patients. It can help patients to alleviate symptoms on patients through cleaning toxins in blood and repairing kidney damage then improving kidney function.

Stem Cell Therapy is another good choice for kidney disease patients too. It is able to supplement red blood cells for kidneys and fix up damaged kidney tissue cells. Thus will also treat for Chronic Glomerulonephritis well and able to improve kidney function.

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