What Chinese Herbal Medicine Would be Good for Patients to Stop Dialysis

2016-06-16 14:08

What Chinese Herbal Medicine Would be Good for Patients to Stop DialysisWhat Chinese Herbal Medicine would be good for patients to Stop Dialysis? Dialysis is no longer the most effective treatment for kidney disease patients now. The side effects is more and more bothering patients. Chinese herbal medicine is able to help kidney disease patients avoid or stop dialysis effectively in some degree.

Why Chinese herbal medicine can help kidney disease patients avoid or stop dialysis effectively?

Chinese herbal medicine is able to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function through cleaning and dilating blood vessels. Patients take dialysis is mainly due to the kidney damage lead to too much toxins and wastes in blood and cause a lot of complications or symptoms. That make kidneys can not work well by themselves. So that once kidneys can work again by themselves that dialysis can be avoided or stopped effectively.

What treatments can help kidney disease to stop dialysis?

At present there are some new treatments as the alternative treatments of dialysis for kidney disease patients.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the most effective Chinese herbal medicine treatments, it is able to treat for kidney disease by repairing kidney damage and improving kidney function through cleaning blood vessels and promoting blood circulation.

Stem Cell Therapy uses inherent stem cells which from human bodies to fix up damaged kidney tissue cells and supplement red blood cells for kidneys ensure the kidney function can work well.

Both of them are able to help patients on dialysis to alleviate their side effects and stop dialysis effectively.

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