How to Help Patients with Creatinine 1000+ and Do Not Want Dialysis in a Natural Way

2016-06-11 10:38

How to Help Patients with Creatinine 1000+ and Do Not Want Dialysis in a Natural WayHow to help patients with Creatinine 1000+ and do not want Dialysis in a Natural way? High creatinine level will have a great harm on kidneys, even though that it was due to kidney damage. While as a matter of fact, the relationship between them are complementary, so that depend on dialysis to reduce high creatinine level is not enough.

Why dialysis is not enough to reduce high creatinine level?

As we have mentioned it in the above contents, the relationship between kidney damage and creatinine are complementary. That is to say, reducing high creatinine level also need to repair the kidney damage at first.

However, dialysis is only a kind of treatment which only keep focus on the symptoms, but not mean for fundamental reason-- kidney damage. To be honest, long time dialysis will lead serious kidney damage in most time, which means that it can not treat for kidney disease effectively.

Is there any natural treatment can replace dialysis to reduce creatinine 1000+?

Creatinine 1000+ is very dangerous for patients now, wrong treatment will lead to more serious result for patients.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on Chinese herbal medicine, it is belongs to a kind of natural treatment for kidney disease. This treatment have the function of repairing kidney damage and reduce creatinine level at the same time.

Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy help patients avoid dialysis?

The function of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function, so that the kidney will recover in some degree, then dialysis is not needed in this kind of situation.

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