What are the Suggestions for Patients with Creatinine 6 to Avoid Dialysis

2016-06-02 14:35

What are the Suggestions for Patients with Creatinine 6 to Avoid DialysisWhat are the suggestions for patients with Creatinine 6 to Avoid Dialysis? Creatinine 6 is a very high serum creatinine level for normal range. Patients with creatinine 6 need to take effective treatment timely to prevent further damage on them and their kidneys.

How to prevent further damage on bodies and their kidneys for creatinine 6 patients?

Dialysis is the most effective and quickly for kidney disease patients to reduce creatinine. While both of us should know that dialysis will damage kidneys in some degree, the side effects of it will have further damage on kidneys. So that more and more patients want to avoid dialysis to reduce creatinine 6.

Creatinine 6 is totally belongs to stage 4 kidney disease, which is also called as stage of kidney failure. The mainly reason of it is due to that the kidneys were damaged serious for them. Prevent further damage on kidneys need to treat for kidney disease form the root. So repairing kidney damage and improving kidney function are the necessary steps for patients with creatinine 6.

How to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function to reduce creatinine 6 without dialysis?

There are two effective treatment which are aim at repairing kidney damage and improve kidney function, both of them are able to treat for kidney failure and reduce creatinine effectively.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy are the two brand new treatment, they are able to help patient with creatinine 6 to reduce it without dialysis in some degree. Furthermore, they can help to repair the damage due to side effects on dialysis effectively.

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