What is the Good Treatment for Patients Who are Suffering Lupus Nephritis

2016-05-21 15:17

What is the Good Treatment for Patients Who are Suffering Lupus NephritisWhat is the good treatment for patients who are suffering Lupus Nephritis? Lupus nephritis treatment is a more complex process, simply rely on Western medicine can not control the illness condition of lupus nephritis development. Combination of Chinese and western medicine treatment is the best way for lupus nephritis.

Why lupus nephritis need Chinese medicine treatment expect western medicine?

Lupus nephritis is a kind of autoimmune kidney disease, it is hard to treat or control the condition. Western medicine are prefer to keep focus on treating for symptoms, while Chinese medicine are keep focus on treating for the fundamental reason of lupus nephritis. So that Chinese medicine is also need for the treatment of lupus nephritis.

How to treat lupus nephritis form the fundamental reason?

For autoimmune kidney disease, patients need to repair the damaged immune system and the damaged kidneys. Eliminate the pathogenic factors which has damaged kidneys and immune system. Thus will make the kidney have a health environment to support the normal work.

What treatment can treat it form the root?

Besides necessary oral western medicine and dialysis, that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a very effective treatment for lupus nephritis. This treatment have the functions of repairing kidney damage and immune system damage, improving kidney function to make the kidneys have a more health condition to prevent complications.

Stem Cell Therapy is also an effective treatment for patients to repair damaged kidneys and immune system. It will help to repair the damaged cells in kidneys and supplement red blood cells.

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