I Am On Dialysis, Can You Help Me to Stop It in A Safe Way

2016-05-12 14:26

I Am On Dialysis, Can You Help Me to Stop It in A Safe WayIf people started to take dialysis that is to say that their kidney damage was serious and many kidney functions not work at present. For this kind of patients that dialysis is the necessary method for them to survival. But withe dialysis treatment that patients’ urine output become more and more less. That means kidney function was damaged more and more serious.

How to prevent further damage on kidneys?

As a matter of fact, dialysis is not the best treatment, it will damage the kidney in some degree. So that patients need to reduce dialysis or avoid dialysis during the treatment.

How to reduce or avoid dialysis?

If patients want to reduce dialysis or avoid dialysis that they need to repair the damages on kidneys and restore kidney function in order to make the kidneys have power to discharge toxins and wastes in blood by itself. However dialysis is indispensable in the treatment process. So that patients need to take dialysis matched with medicine treatments to reduce the damage on kidneys and prevent the further damage on kidneys.

What medicine can be used with dialysis?

Chinese medicine is able to treat for disease form root. It can help patients to alleviate some side effects on patients and repair the kidney damage in some degree.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as the most effective Chinese Medicine Treatment, it is able to help patients reduce or avoid dialysis and repair the damage due to the side effects of dialysis.

This treatment can be matched with Oral Chinese Medicine to achieve the best curative effect.

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