Why Patients with Kidney Disease Due to Diabetes Do Not Want Dialysis Treatment

2016-05-08 13:14

Why Patients with Kidney Disease Due to Diabetes Do Not Want Dialysis TreatmentWhy patients with kidney disease due to Diabetes do not want Dialysis Treatment? Kidney disease due to Diabetes is also known as the complication of diabetes. Usually, we called it as Diabetic Nephropathy, which is a common kidney problem at present. So many people have no idea about

Why diabetes will cause to diabetic nephropathy?

Diabetes is a kind of serious blood vessels disease in some degree. The biggest function of kidneys is to keep blood vessels clean and health. Diabetes will lead to too much wastes and sugar saved up in blood, the kidneys need to clean, the burden on kidneys will be increased. Long- term overwork about kidneys will make them have damage in some degree.

Kidney damage is the direct cause of diabetic nephropathy. As a matter of fact, kidney damage will have a huge impact on diabetes. And so forth, kidney damage will be more and more serious, diabetes will be out of control.

Why patients do not want to take dialysis?

Dialysis is not helpful for patients to repair kidney damage. It is only a kind of method which help to eliminate some part of toxins and wastes in blood to alleviate serious symptoms on patients. With dialysis treatment that patients will appear urine output become more and more less that before. That is due to little blood through kidney makes so many kidney functions can not work.

What treatment can replace dialysis?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as an effective treatment for patients with kidney disease, it is able to repair kidney damage which due to diabetes. It will work through blood and help to clean blood vessels. So that diabetes can be controlled well.

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