If Kidney Function Can Be Improved after Long- term Dialysis

2016-05-01 11:45

If Kidney Function Can Be Improved after Long- term DialysisIf Kidney Function can be improved after long- term Dialysis? Both of us should know that kidney disease patients after long- term dialysis will have huge damage on human bodies and kidneys. Although dialysis is one of the most popular methods for kidney disease patients. But the outcome of dialysis is not always satisfied. Some patients will reappear high creatinine level, that really bothers the patients.

Why reappear high creatinine level after dialysis?

In most time, once high creatinine level reappeared after dialysis that the values will much higher than before. That is due to that the kidney was damaged more serious than before, a lot of kidney function can not support the normal work to eliminate toxins in blood, so that creatinine become more and more serious. For this kind of case, repair kidney damage and improve kidney function are the primary methods.

Why patients need to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function?

Only when the kidney become healthy, all functions of it can start to work again, then toxins can not stay in blood anymore. Then the kidney do not have to bear too much burden and dialysis is not necessary for them.

How to improve kidney function after dialysis?

As a matter of fact, if patients want to improve kidney function that they have to stop dialysis at first. Which means they need to find some alternative treatment of dialysis to treat for kidney disease through repair kidney damage and supplement red blood cells in kidney. So that Stem Cell Therapy is a good choice for patients after dialysis to improve kidney function effectively.

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