What Treatment Is Much Suitable for Patients with End Stage Kidney Failure Than Dialysis

2016-04-20 14:23

What Treatment Is Much Suitable for Patients with End Stage Kidney Failure Than DialysisWhat treatment is much suitable for patients with End Stage Kidney Failure than Dialysis? Dialysis is the best way for patients with Kidney Failure in the past, while so many patients was developed into End Stage Kidney Failure due to long-term Dialysis. That is to say dialysis in not the best way for patients with kidney failure anymore.

Why Dialysis lead to End Stage Kidney Failure in some time?

Both of us know that dialysis has so many side effects on human bodies. These side effects will have bad influence on human and kidneys. Furthermore, use dialysis to replace kidney will make kidney have less blood through, so that the kidney function will become more and more less. Then End Stage Kidney Failure will be form in the end.

Keeping on dialysis can not work too much function for patients with End Stage Kidney Failure anymore, so that for them, need some other way to treat for it now.

What treatment is better than dialysis?

In most time, End Stage Kidney Failure patients still have some part of kidney function. Protect these function are really necessary for them. If they do not want to take dialysis then they need to find some treatment to restore the kidney to make the kidneys have ability to eliminate toxins and wastes by itself.

Stem Cell Therapy is a kind of treatment which able to repair the kidney damage organization and cells. It can also supplement the red blood cells to make kidneys have enough blood, thus will make some part of kidney function restored in huge degree. This is a treatment which can also help patients avoid kidney transplant.

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