Is Stem Cell Therapy Really Helpful for Patients on Dialysis

2016-04-15 14:08

Is Stem Cell Therapy Really Helpful for Patients on DialysisIs Stem Cell Therapy really helpful for patients on Dialysis? Generally speaking, patients on dialysis almost lost all the kidney function about their own, that is to say, dialysis can not improve the kidney function and it will damage the kidney more and more serious. So that patients need to find some other way to help them avoid dialysis or get rid of it.

Dialysis has a great advantage to absorb patients, although it can not improve the kidney function, but it help to clean the blood through eliminating the toxins and waste in blood.

Nowadays, more and more people start to keep focus on Stem Cell Therapy which is the brand new and really effective treatment for kidney disease. The functions of it can help the patients avoid dialysis effectively.

How Dose Stem Cell Therapy Help Patients on Dialysis?

First we have to know that whether stem cell therapy is helpful for dialysis is depend on the conditions of patients. But in most time that is really helpful for patients to avoid dialysis.

Once stem cells transplanted into the kidneys, the cells will reproduce many daughter cells to fix up the damage part of kidney and kidney cells. Make the kidney have new cells to replace the damage cells will make the kidney recover part of the kidney function.

While this kind of treatment is also not suitable for all patients on dialysis. If patients have no function anymore which might due to long-term dialysis. Thus can not make the stem cells have condition to survival and reproduce.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is able to help the patients rebuild a healthy blood circulation and environment, thus will improve the curative of stem cell therapy.

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