Is Dialysis The Only Choice for CKD Patients with Creatinine 635

2016-04-15 14:05

Is Dialysis The Only Choice for CKD Patients with Creatinine 635Is dialysis the only choice for CKD patients with Creatinine 635? Compare to the normal Creatinine Level that Creatinine 635 is much higher than it. The doctors will advise patients with creatinine 635 to take dialysis in order to reduce the level down quickly. Although dialysis is the most common treatment for CKD with high creatinine, but it is not the only choice for CKD patients in nowadays.

What Kind of Treatment Can Be Alternative to Dialysis?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the most effective for CKD, it is able to be the alternative the dialysis for patients also with high creatinine level.

Why Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Can Help Patients Avoid Dialysis?

Some patients must have this kind of thought that this is just a simple kind of Chinese Herbal treatment without any features in it. As a matter of fact, this kind of treatment uses several kinds of essence of traditional Chinese medicine to combine together. The effective ingredients of the medicine can active the damaged kidney cells and strengthen their self-curative ability to help them recover effectively.

Furthermore, the medicine is also able to supply some necessary nutrition to kidney, keep the kidney have enough power that will make the kidney have ability to improve the kidney function by itself, the damage will be repaired gradually. So that patients will have a life without dialysis.

There have something must be known by patients that this treatment is not suitable for all kind of patients. There is no doubt that different conditions are suitable for different treatments and the curative effect are different too.

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