How to Treat CKD with Protein Leakage by Natural Treatments

2016-04-08 15:49

How to Treat CKD with Protein Leakage by Natural TreatmentsHow to Treat CKD with Protein Leakage by Natural Treatments? Protein leakage is mainly due to the glomerular basement membrane was damaged. Renal protein leakage may reflect symptoms of diabetes. If people do not pay attention to it, the seriousness of the situation will not only affect the health but also the common daily life.

What Are The Common Ways to Treat Protein Leakage?

From the clinical field, there are three types of proteinuria: Functional proteinuria, Orthostatic proteinuria and Pathological proteinuria. For different situations that the corresponding measures are not same. The common ways are dialysis, controlled by western medicine. There are still lots of things for patients to take care in daily life: do not be too tired, taking low-protein and high quality protein diet, pay attention to the quality of the rest and sleep and appropriate release the pressure an so on.

What Kind of Treatment Belong to Natural Treatment?

Natural treatment is based on the side effects of western medicine and treatments which can not take for long-term. So that there need some way to alternative to western way, Chinese medicine therapy is the best choice in fact.

What Kind of Chinese Medicine Therapies Can Treat for It?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of Chinese medicine therapy which uses the pure Chinese medicine to promote the blood circulation and blood stasis, dilating the blood vessels. Those functions will alleviate the renal necrosis and GFR decreased which were caused by Ischemia and hypoxia situation of kidney cells. Make kidney cells recover vitality will improve the kidney function and GFR, so that there will have less proteinuria.

Hot Compress Therapy is also able to improve the organization in kidney. If you want to know more information about the natural treatments, please send us an email.

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