Why Stem Cell Therapy Can Be Alternative to Dialysis for Patients with Kidney Disease

2016-04-07 15:30

Why Stem Cell Therapy Can Be Alternative to Dialysis for Patients with Kidney DiseaseWhy Stem Cell Therapy can be alternative to Dialysis for patients with Kidney Disease? As we all known that Dialysis is just a kind of method for patients to alleviate the symptoms which due to the kidney disease. But it can not improve the kidney function. On the contrary it will destroy kidney function. So that patients with kidney disease need to find other way to replace the dialysis.

Is There Some Ways to Alternative Dialysis?

In the past, dialysis is the only way for patients to treat for kidney disease in most time. Almost all doctors prefer to advised patients to take dialysis to alleviate in a high speed time. But now, there is a serious treatment which were based on Chinese medicine to treat kidney disease and reduce the side effects of dialysis.

What Are The Treatments Replace to Dialysis?

Hot Compress Therapy is one of the Chinese medicine therapies. Uses the active ingredients of Chinese medicine to dilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation and blood stasis in kidney. Enough blood flow through kidney will make the kidney repair the damage by itself. Thus will improve the kidney function at the same time.

Foot Bath Therapy, through soak feet by Chinese medicine water to stimulate the blood circulation, help the kidney discharge toxins and waste without any help of equipment.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy matches with oral Chinese medicine to achieve the effect of treat internal and external at the same time. Micro-Chinese Medicine can be absorbed by human body more quick than common Chinese medicine. The curative effect was approved by so many patients with kidney disease.

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