Can Patients Use Stem Cell Therapy As The Alternative to Dialysis Treat for Kidney Failure

2016-04-06 16:18

Can Patients Use Stem Cell Therapy As The Alternative to Dialysis Treat for Kidney FailureCan patients use Stem Cell Therapy as the Alternative to Dialysis treat for Kidney Failure? Dialysis is a necessary method for patients with Kidney Failure have serious symptoms. Traditional medicine can not alleviate the symptoms very well, so does the dialysis. Furthermore, it is not suitable for all kind of conditions. Long time dialysis will damage kidney without any repair. Then patients might wondering about that

How to Treat Kidney Failure without Dialysis?

If patients want to treat kidney failure without dialysis, first they need to find out the original reasons for the disease and treat it with the correct alternative treatment. There is no doubt that the mainly reason of kidney failure is due to the kidney damage. So that repair the kidney damage is the key to treat kidney failure. All kinds of kidney damage are due to capillaries in the kidney are blocked and caused the kidney organization cells appear the status of ischemia and hypoxia. So we should change the situation of ischemia and hypoxia for kidney cells.

Stem Cell Therapy uses the inherent cells which come from the patients’ body to transplant into kidney. The stem cells will reproduce lots of daughter cells to make up the lost part of kidney cells and improve the blood circulation. Thus will make the kidney have enough blood through, the situation of kidney cells ischemia and hypoxia will be improved. So that the kidney will revitalization, kidney failure will be controlled. No dialysis that the symptoms will also alleviated naturally.

Stem cell therapy is suitable for all kinds of kidney disease in fact, if you want to take this treatment, please send us an email.

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