Is There Any Hope for Patients with Creatinine 639 to Avoid Dialysis At Present

2016-04-06 16:12

Is There Any Hope for Patients with Creatinine 639 to Avoid Dialysis At PresentIs there any hope for patients with Creatinine 639 to Avoid Dialysis at present? Hi, doctor, my creatinine is 639 for a long time, I have take dialysis, but it rises up frequently. I don’t want dialysis anymore, is there any other treatment or medicine can help me to stop it now?

As a matter of fact, patients who have take dialysis for a short time still have chance to get rid of it now. But it need some alternative treatment options to dialysis.

Is That True foe Patients to Stop Dialysis with Creatinine 639?

Creatinine rises up because of the kidney damage in huge degree. Creatinine 639 means the patient has reached into the period of kidney failure or CKD stage 4. Maybe the creatinine level is not so high like now, but after a period of dialysis, the creatinine level will rise up higher and higher. That is due to that dialysis can only alleviate some symptoms because of kidney failure, but it can not protect the kidney or improve the kidney function. So patients need so other way to protect the kidney and treat the disease at the same time.

This period of patients still have so kidney function exist, the correct treatment can really help the kidney to improve function or repair the kidney damage. Thus will help the patients to avoid dialysis or get rid of dialysis.

What Treatment Can Reach This?

Micro- Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can reduce the creatinine level which due to the kidney failure. It can not only repair the kidney damage but also will improve the kidney function in some degree, thus will help the patients get rid of dialysis or avoid dialysis.

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